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Portuguese BBQ Chicken

By admin / May 16, 2017

Everyone loves BBQ of some kind. Portuguese BBQ is different than the dry rub BBQ or the southern BBQ I grew up with. Packed with flavor, Portuguese BBQ uses ingredients that impart such great flavors. Check out this delightful Portuguese chicken BBQ recipe by clicking next below.


Portuguese BBQ

By admin / August 18, 2016

Portuguese Barbecued Chicken is not quite like any other bbq chicken.  The garlic, wine, lemon, tomato, paprika and hot sauce combined make this a totally unique and very Portuguese flavor. There are lots of Portuguese BBQ places in NJ but I prefer to make it myself. Heating up the grill and anticipating an awesome dinner! Ingredients 2 […]


Scampi Style Chicken Penne

By admin / August 7, 2016

How to make Chicken Penne, Scampi Style! Everyone loves shrimp scampi. The light lemon, garlic, wine flavors taste great over pasta. With that in mind, this dish was created. This Chicken with penne pasta is a delicious, quick, healthy example of a dish prepared Scampi style but without any seafood. Ingredients 12 ounces boneless chicken […]


BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders

By admin / July 30, 2016

This barbecued chicken recipe, a take on the ever-popular pulled pork sandwich, was so unbelievably tender, you would think I used dark meat or slow-cooked the chicken in a CrockPot all day, but that’s not the case. Just get two boneless, skinless breasts, marinade them in spices for half an hour, grill, shred with two forks and throw it all into a saucepan […]


Easy BBQ Sauce

By admin / July 9, 2016

BBQ sauce is delicious on chicken, ribs, pulled pork – you name it. There are many, many bottled bbq sauces from which to choose at the grocery store. I do buy bottled bbq sauce now and again, but there is something to be said for making your own. When you make you own you can […]

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