Red Chile Chicken Panini

Paninis are the new way to make delicious grilled sandwiches. Panini combinations are endless. It really is a matter of taking the things you like the best and combining them together to create the perfect panini for you.

I found this combination at Panini Happy – Check it out!

I conjured up a vision of the panini and the flavors before I had even decided on the ingredients. Something with a little heat, but maybe an element to cool it down. Mild cheese, nothing too grandiose. A bright-flavored herb or vegetable that complements, but doesn’t distract from, the gentle spiciness.  A good crunch on the bread. Colorful.

The reality from this vision? Red Chile Chicken Panini with Monterey Jack Cheese, avocado and red onions on sliced sourdough. Can’t you just tell by the look of this thing that it was tasty?

The red chile marinated chicken in this sandwich is pretty darned amazing. I found the recipe over on Simply Recipes. Aside from all the chiles within the chile sauce, there is warmth and subtle sweetness from the addition of spices such as cloves, allspice and cinnamon, which creates a real depth of flavor. For ease of layering the chicken into panini I opted to use boneless, skinless thighs rather than bone-in, skin-on and did my grilling right on the panini grill. Even with these modifications my husband and I still absolutely loved this chicken.

There was a time in my life when I might have found it strange to daydream at length about food. But these days I actually find it to be rather relaxing and therapeutic. Thinking about the smell, taste, look and feel of food is almost as enjoyable as eating it, yet without a single calorie to contend with.

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