Creamy Chicken Florentine Lasagna

By admin / April 10, 2018

There is something really comforting about a lasagna dinner. This Creamy Chicken Florentine Lasagna offers a delightful twist a traditional red sauce lasagna. A creamy garlic sauce, chicken tenders, two different kinds of cheese, spinach, and bacon are layered between tender lasagna noodles to make this recipe. Get the recipe by clicking next below.


Easy Italian Chicken Pie

By admin / October 20, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I love Bisquick! It is always on my pantry shelf and it is my go-to ingredient when I’m searching for comfort food. This recipe for Easy Italian Chicken Pie is perfect for dinner when you’ve got some left-over chicken. Quick and easy to make, you will have dinner on […]


Chicken and Escarole

By admin / September 14, 2017

These simple, healthy ingredients make a perfectly delicious chicken dinner. To change it up a bit, add some canned cannellini beans. See the recipe by clicking next below.


Chicken Parm Pizza

By admin / February 9, 2017

Chicken parm pizza combines two of my families favorite meals – chicken parm and homemade pizza. When I make chicken parm, I almost always am making enough to feed 10 people. It is a go-to meal for family gatherings. Sometimes there are a few pieces left over (but not for long) and that is when […]


Chicken and Sun-Dried-Tomato Meatballs

By admin / January 23, 2017

Sun-dried tomatoes make these chicken meatballs super flavorful while the chicken makes them healthier than the traditional 3 meat meatballs. This recipe is great served over pasta, served as an appetizer with a crusty bread, or as an indulgent meatball parm sandwich. Any way you serve these meatballs works really well. Check out this simple, […]


Basil Chicken Calzones

By admin / September 29, 2016

These Basil Chicken Calzones are made with lean, ground chicken breast which is a healthy alternative to ground beef.  Simple ingredients make this Traditional Italian favorite an easy week-night meal. Click next below to get the recipe.


Scampi Style Chicken Penne

By admin / August 7, 2016

How to make Chicken Penne, Scampi Style! Everyone loves shrimp scampi. The light lemon, garlic, wine flavors taste great over pasta. With that in mind, this dish was created. This Chicken with penne pasta is a delicious, quick, healthy example of a dish prepared Scampi style but without any seafood. Ingredients 12 ounces boneless chicken […]


6 Ingredient Chicken Parmesan Pasta

By admin / August 3, 2016

I love Italian dishes. This is an easy one to make and one that everyone will love. Loads of melted cheese, tender chicken breast and delicious pasta with your favorite sauce all made in one pan. Take a good look at this recipe! It has only 5 main ingredients (unless you want to count salt […]


Chicken Lasagna

By admin / July 27, 2016

This chicken lasagna is incredible good and a nice change from traditional lasagna. The sauce is important and this recipe is delicious and very flavorful. Add or remove ingredients based on your like- mushrooms, spinach, artichokes…. Adding Parmesan on top gives it such a wonderful taste and golden color. What are you waiting for? Give this recipe […]


Chicken Cacciatore

By admin / July 26, 2016

Chicken Cacciatore is a down-to-earth rustic meal that reminds me of my grandmother. Simple, fresh ingredients make this an old-world favorite. Perfect with a nice glass of wine, a green salad and some crusty Italian bread. Source: Youtube

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