Layered Asian Salad

This layered Asian Salad has a thick, spicy, peanut sauce dressing so it will hold up the same way as other layered salads, and not get soggy. Make sure you drain the water chestnuts, and pineapple very well so they don’t add unwanted moisture to your salad.

Serving a layered salad in a cake pan, as opposed to a trifle pan, makes it portable, easy to serve, and unique. Everyone will want a copy of this recipe, so be prepared to share it!

Just evenly layer the ingredients, cover tightly, chill for the time indicated, and cut into cake-like pieces! Voila!

Note: This salad is best served within 10 hours of making it (the noodles are still crunchy and the colors are still brilliant), but it’s very good at the 24-hour mark too. If you want those Chinese noodles to stay extra crunchy, just sprinkle them on right before serving.

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