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Mediterranean Chicken with Eggplant

By admin / March 28, 2017

The Mediterranean diet is a healthy diet. I came across this recipe when looking for new ideas for preparing eggplant. This is a very nice, simple recipe that combines two of my favorite foods – chicken and eggplant. Simple, fresh ingredients make this a breeze to make and a healthy, flavorful, and satisfying meal. This […]


5-Ingredient Pesto Chicken Stuffed Peppers

By admin / March 1, 2017

Most of us look to prepare healthy meals but fall into old habits that might not be the healthiest. This easy 5-ingredient recipe for Pesto Chicken Stuffed Peppers is one that you will find yourself making over and over. This recipe is easy to make, tasty, and healthy. Click next below to get this recipe.


White Meat Chili

By admin / February 27, 2017

This recipe for White Meat Chili is probably the best chili I’ve ever had. I love using chicken vs. beef. It offers a delightfully different flavor and texture. Loaded with 4 varieties of beans the texture and flavor is huge! Thank you, Lynne, for sharing! White Meat Chili Recipe Ingredients 1 medium Vidalia or sweet […]


Chicken and Sun-Dried-Tomato Meatballs

By admin / January 23, 2017

Sun-dried tomatoes make these chicken meatballs super flavorful while the chicken makes them healthier than the traditional 3 meat meatballs. This recipe is great served over pasta, served as an appetizer with a crusty bread, or as an indulgent meatball parm sandwich. Any way you serve these meatballs works really well. Check out this simple, […]


Lemon & Dill Chicken

By admin / January 4, 2017

A Greek-inspired recipe made with fresh lemon and dill that is quick and easy to prepare. This sauce will transform your ordinary chicken breasts into a super flavorful meal you’ll think came from a fine restaurant. Take a look at this simple recipe by clicking next below.


Hummus Crusted Chicken

By admin / January 3, 2017

I love hummus. . . and chicken. This is a great recipe that combines them very nicely. I happen to enjoy the spicy hummus varieties and so I use a jalapeno hummus or a┬ásriracha hummus, but any hummus will work here. Real, healthy ingredients for round out this recipe – perfect for all those New […]


Chicken Gyros with Homemade Tzatziki

By admin / November 28, 2016

Love Greek food but looking to make it with chicken instead of lamb? This one is for you! Gyros are a favorite around here but I sometimes have difficulty sourcing lamb. I found this recipe and gave it a try and am happy to say that it does the trick when you need a gyro […]


Greek Yogurt Roasted Chicken

By admin / August 16, 2016

There is something to be said about old-world simple cooking. This recipe for Greek Yogurt Roasted Chicken is a perfect example of such a recipe. Simple, healthy ingredients combined to make a wonderfully flavorful meal. I like to serve my Greek Yogurt Roasted Chicken with Honey Grilled Sweet Potatoes. Sweet and spicy, they offer the […]


Hummus Chicken Salad

By admin / August 2, 2016

I am kind of addicted to hummus. I just love it. I eat it almost every day. I usually eat hummus with pita chips but recently thought “I’d like to find ways to use hummus in my recipes.” It is healthy and delicious. This recipe for Hummus Chicken Salad uses hummus instead of the traditional […]


Buffalo Chicken-Blue Cheese Meatloaf

By admin / August 1, 2016

Ground chicken is great. I love making my meatloaf with ground chicken. I know that the traditional meatloaf is beef, pork, and veal, but I think that a chicken meatloaf offers a better texture. As far as flavor, chicken has it going on. It will take on the flavors that you add far better than […]

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