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Buffalo Chicken Dip

By admin / April 12, 2017

Delicious and healthy, this dip will not disappoint. I like serving this Buffalo Chicken Dip with an array of fresh vegetables because it adds great texture to this dish. Check out his recipe by clicking next below.


White Chicken Pizza

By admin / March 24, 2017

Looking for an easy-to-make weeknight meal? This one fits that bill. Quick and easy to make, this White Chicken Pizza is perfect for a busy weeknight. You will have dinner on the table in 20 minutes! You can’t beat that! Get the recipe by clicking next below.


Chicken Fajita Quesadilla

By admin / November 30, 2016

Mexican food is fun food that nearly everyone loves.┬áChicken Fajita Quesadillas are filled with lots of fresh ingredients peppers, onions, cilantro, and cheese. This recipe can be served as an entree or as an appetizer. Mexican food served buffet-style is a fun way to serve when you are entertaining. These Chicken Fajita Quesadillas work well […]


Poppy Seed Chicken Dip

By admin / October 28, 2016

Dips are a great way to serve an informal appetizer. They allow people to help themselves and can be served in the family room or in front of the TV. This is an easy recipe that can, for the most part, be made ahead of time. As you will see there are few ingredients and […]


Baked Orange Chicken Meatballs

By admin / October 10, 2016

These attractive and delicious baked orange chicken meatballs are perfect for serving as an appetizer with pretty toothpicks. I love these little bamboo toothpicks! Bamboo Party Forks   Arranged them on a bed of shredded lettuce or cabbage leaves or if you prefer, keep them warm in a crock pot and let people help themselves. […]


Brie Cranberry and Chicken Pizza

By admin / September 6, 2016

This is a very different pizza recipe. Don’t judge it until you try it. Obviously you will have to like brie cheese in order to give this a try. The combination of chicken, cranberry, and brie makes sense and is delicious. Adding these ingredient to a pizza crust and then topping with mozzarella cheese makes […]


Buffalo Blue Nachos Grande

By admin / September 5, 2016

Mexican Nachos Grande are one of my favorite indulgences. I absolutely love them. I will admit that I don’t make them all that often – – because I love them. Kind of a catch 22. I like this recipe which uses chicken and buffalo sauce – nice and spicy. These nachos are loaded with cheeses […]


Nam Sod Salad

By admin / August 25, 2016

Most people when they go out for Thai food order the same things over and over again. We are all guilty of it. I myself, like to try at least one something new each time I go to a Thai restaurant. Last time I went, I concentrated on trying a new salad. This Nam Sod […]


PF Changs Lettuce Wraps

By admin / August 24, 2016

If you’ve never been to PF Chang’s or if you’ve been there but haven’t tried PF Chang’s Lettuce Wraps, you have missed out. If you’ve had them then you know what I am talking about. The crisp iceberg lettuce is key to the success of this recipe and it may take a bit of finessing […]


Hummus Chicken Salad

By admin / August 2, 2016

I am kind of addicted to hummus. I just love it. I eat it almost every day. I usually eat hummus with pita chips but recently thought “I’d like to find ways to use hummus in my recipes.” It is healthy and delicious. This recipe for Hummus Chicken Salad uses hummus instead of the traditional […]

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